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   •    Large diameter pipes: up to 120

   •    Casing pipes

   •    Watergates

   •    Structural steel

Designed and Fabricated:
   •    Lifter and gantry

Construction Equipment:
   •    Slurry pumps

   •    Dewatering pumps

   •    Steel plates and panels

   •    Hollow rebar

Drilling Equipment and Parts:
   •    Reverse Circulation Drilling Rigs

        [from South Korea]
   •    Casing Oscillators
[from South Korea]
   •    Casing Rotator
[from South Korea]
   •    Torrex Series (Piling and Soil Mixing Rig)

   •    Hammer and Spherical Grabs

   •    Casing Joints

   •    Casing Extractors

   •    Hydraulic Clamping Device

   •    Casing Teeth

   •    Casing Drivers

   •    Chisels

   •    Tremie Pipes

   •    Augers

   •    Kelly bars 

Formwork and Girder:
   •    Segment Formwork

   •    Box Girder

   •    Precast Formwork

   •    Immersed Tube Formwork

   •    Movable Scaffolding System

   •    Form Traveler

   •    Launching Girder

   •    Deck Crane

   •    Tunnel Lining Formwork

   •    Tunnel Construction Equipment

   •    Innovative Formwork System

See something we can supply to you?
* We may also be able to supply other materials or items not listed above. If you need something not included on the list, please email us at: with the inquiry!
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